Rolbatch Dr. Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy

Plastometer for MFI testing of plastics, extruders, recycling of plastics

Rolbatch Dr. Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy
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Machines for Recycling and Extrusion of Plastics

Training for the Plastics Industry

Complete Solutions for the Plastics Industry

From Idea to Implementation: You know "What"? We know "How"!

We offer comprehensive services for companies in the plastics industry. We assist in setting up production for both companies with years of experience and those taking their first steps in the plastics industry. We help with machine and raw material selection, employee training, and production implementation at the customer's site. Our machines can be leased for 1-6 years, with a minimum down payment of 10%.

If required, we offer consultation regarding permits for plastic recycling. We invite you to collaborate!
We invite you to view our offerings for in-person and online training in the areas of plastic processing, materials science, recycling, and testing the properties of plastics -> read more

We recommend: Machines for the extrusion and recycling of plastics PE, PP, PVC, PET, PA, PS, PMMA, PC, ABS, WPC

  • Washing, shredding, and drying lines for plastics
  • Regranulation and compounding lines with one or multiple extruders (with or without degassing)
  • Optical sorters for color separation of ground plastics
  • Electrostatic sorters for separating ground plastics by type, e.g., PE, ABS, PET, PVC, PA
  • Waste sorting plants for household waste
  • Extrusion lines for pipes, profiles, sheets, granules, and composites, including WPC boards and panels
  • Blow and cast film extrusion lines
  • Single and twin-screw extruders
  • Laboratory extruders and co-extruders
Laboratory equipment for testing plastics:
  • Laboratory single and twin-screw extruders
  • MFI (MFR, MVR) melt index testers (Plastometers) according to ISO 1133 and ASTM 1238D
  • Density meters
  • Moisture meters / weighing dryers / hygrometers
  • Laboratory ovens
Additional equipment:
  • Lab and industrial dryers (e.g., 25 l, 50 l, 100 l, 200 l, 250, 300 l, 500 liters)
  • Lab and industrial mixers
  • Vibrating tables for sieving plastic shredders (dust separation and fractioning)
  • Gravimetric and volumetric dosers
Our lab services:
  • MFI (MFR, MVR) flow rate testing
  • Density measurement of plastics
  • Moisture measurement of plastics
  • Blown film production on a lab extrusion line
Professional training:
  • We recommend training in plastic processing, material science, recycling, and testing the properties of plastics
  • In-person and online training (webinars!)
  • We also offer customized on-site training (theoretical and practical). Also online
  • We assist in training machine operators, technical departments, maintenance departments, sales departments, purchasing departments, as well as management and executives in companies
  • We also recommend our soft skills training - Team Building in industrial facilities - for department heads and executives
Sample topics of our webinar training:
  • Basic raw materials for plastics
  • General extrusion of plastics
  • Extruding PVC, PE, PP, PS, WPC profiles
  • Production of WPC boards and panels
  • Production of composites and products from composite materials
  • Testing the properties of plastics
  • Plastic injection molding
Technical Consulting: We offer technical consulting at every stage for the production that has been put into operation. We are also active in the area of selling know-how for plastic production.

Our sample projects:
  • Setting up the production of PE, PP films, including stretch films and barrier films (blow method)
  • Setting up the production of cast PP, PS, PET films
  • Setting up a recycling line for PET bottles
  • Setting up a line for washing, shredding, and regranulating PE, PP films
  • Setting up an operation for grinding plastics (battery housings, window profiles, barrels, jugs, pallets, crates, etc.)
  • Setting up an extrusion line for ABS/PLA filaments for 3D printers
  • Setting up the production of XPS plastic profiles
  • Setting up the production of WPC profiles
  • Setting up the production of regranulates from PP, PE, PET, ABS, PS
  • Setting up the production of granules and/or sheets from WPC composite materials (wood plus plastic made from wood dust or composite)
  • Setting up the production of PET, PS sheets and films
  • Setting up a sorting line for color-based plastic sorting
  • Setting up a sorting line for sorting plastics types like PET/PVC, ABS/PP/PA